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“Expressionism that reverberates from their souls and into their instruments. Its devastatingly contagious”

- Prog Magazine, June 2017





“Just when you thought it was safe to go back to your aging album collection.........Leave that old vinyl alone and welcome the new (ish) kid on the block"


- Get Ready To Rock


“The songwriting itself is where the true mastery lies within this album. Simplicity without feeling mundane, elegance without self-indulgence, skill without boasting!” 




"Heard the name Daniel Beardsley? No? Don't worry; you will. Simply put the man has towering natural talent and, should there be any justice in this God-forsaken world, is destined for greatness.”

"War, pain, conflict, trials and tribulations are banished when Beardsley plays: somehow, someway, he makes us feel better worlds are possible. Beautiful

talent and thrilling playing."


“Great artists filter their talent through the prism of humanity and touch

something inside of us all. Beardsley is just such an artist. Far more than a mere guitar-virtuoso, the man's artistry is touched by the very hand of God."


- Harry Paterson - Powerplay Rock and Metal Magazine, Classic Rock,

Soundsphere Magazine'





“A wonderful assemblage of angular riffs, head-scratching time signatures and crunchy grooves, wrapped up in a bundle of technical virtuosity”

- Prog Magazine, Nov 2015





“The musicianship is superb, the tunes are stupendously complex yet amazingly simple....its damn near perfection”


- ProgMetalMadness





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"There are expert guitarists littering every town in the UK. There are also more     considered slow-hand types in possession of great feel. Rare, though, to find a          guitarist equally competent in and naturally comfortable with both facets of the fret-manipulator's art. Beardsley is precisely that musician. Possibly the most complete guitarist currently treading UK boards." 


- Nottingham Live



Soaring arena-ready melodies and some quality technical musicianship.

- Rocksound





“Destined for big things is an overused turn of phrase, but it's especially apt

considering Danny’s dedication to his art and his captivating performances”


- Last FM



“Danny has obviously spent a lot of time learning his craft, and it shows!! His playing is seamless and seemingly effortless. It's not very often you get to witness a great

guitarist on the up, but if anyone is tipped for stardom its Danny Beardsley.  Make sure you check him out,  you will not be disappointed I assure you!” Simply



 - NWB online



“Danny provides some quality guitar shredding. The guy’s obvious love of music makes him incredibly appealing”


- Room Thirteen



"Impressive are Beardsley’s fearless fret board acrobatics. Most of the young man’s solos start with note-for-note renditions of their recorded counterparts only to spin off into delightfully unexpected directions as he improvises with a skill, feel and virtuosity that is an absolute pleasure to behold.

Certainly, Beardsley is one of the most intuitive and convincing guitarists around. He has astonishing feel and is both empathetic and instinctive. While clearly steeped in the blues, he has a unique and distinctive approach which

results in some of the most satisfying phrasing you're likely to hear."

- Moonshine Magazine






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