Classic Rock

"An assured set of complex yet accessible material. A strong vocal with a hint of Cornell"


- Classic Rock Magazine

Planet Rock

"ONE TO WATCH  - An impressive quintessential classic rock voice, huge-sounding, instantly catchy gems and epic guitar solos"


- Planet Rock


“Cool riffs, clever chord progressions and non obvious melodies, demonstrating     fantastic musical ability. It’s win win win! " 


- Kerrang

Prog Magazine

“A wonderful assemblage of angular riffs, head-scratching time signatures and crunchy grooves, wrapped up in a bundle of technical virtuosity”


- Prog Magazine


The Parallax Method man does a fine line in prog madness, but restricted his palette for a new country-rock-inspired solo effort, Blood From A Stone, this year. It’s more restrained but nonetheless effective – and not short on some fine lead work.

- Musicradar


“Never obvious guitar wizardry.

Guitar solos surprise with their inventiveness, but what marks this album out is Beardsley's song writing.

Beardsley equips himself as a prodigious talent who, on the strength of his material, is someone who will be terrific live"


- Powerplay Magazine

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